Terminate the Award Order and Save Thousands of Dollars

An award order is a legal directive issued by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (“Commission”) requiring the employer and insurance carrier to pay workers’ compensation benefits to a Claimant. However, during the life of a claim, a Claimant’s condition may change warranting a termination of the award order which could lessen the overall exposure of the claim. How do you terminate an award order? There must be a basis to move the Commission to terminate the existing award. The following conditions can form a basis for termination: Claimant returned to pre-injury work; Claimant was released to full-duty work; Claimant returned...

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Commission Releases Proposed Regulations for e-billing

In June, the Commission released a set of preliminary regulations for E-Billing with the aim of having a final rule in place this year, with an implementation date of January 1, 2019. The Commission had a working session in August and received comments from interested parties. On September 18, 2018, the Commission issued its proposed final E-Billing regulations, along with a Companion Guide.   The most noticeable change the Commission made was to move the implementation date back six months to July 1, 2019. All non-exempt providers and payers will be expected to be ready to send and receive bills and payment electronically by that date. In addition, the Commission...

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